Health is more than just the food you eat, it is also about your mental well-being, spiritual balance and happiness.

It is not about convincing you to eat healthy, it is more about making it irresistible. Our approach is to make healthy eating possible and easy for everybody. I create bespoke recipes for each workshop (which you can take home!), and teach you the essential skills in healthy cooking. 

I am dedicated to using fresh, organic whole-foods and ingredients bursting with goodness. My workshops are specially designed around key health topics such as digestive health, detox, immune health, wellness, hormone health, weight loss and many more. Check out my workshop events to find out more.

Come and enjoy a relaxing time and indulge in the healing pleasures of Kajal's Kitchen. I aim to provide a magical atmosphere, where you can create memories, meet like-minded people and enjoy yourself. 


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Harrow, London

0203 633 2774 | Kajal.wellbeing@gmail.com