Upcoming Events

  • Healthy Online Indian Mithai Programme
    13 Oct, 10:00
    Book today for yourself or give this programme as a gift! Impress your family and friends by learning the art of preparing Kajals unique, delicious healthy Mithai using the highest quality healthy ingredients and cooking techniques.
  • No Oil Delicious Indian Food
    Wed, 24 Nov
    Online Facebook Event
    24 Nov, 10:00
    Online Facebook Event
    Learn the art of cooking your favourite kind of food without using refined Oil or Sugars.
  • The Chakra Healing Week
    Mon, 13 Sep
    Facebook Online Workshop
    13 Sep, 10:00 – 19 Sep, 14:00
    Facebook Online Workshop
    Dedicate one week to learn how The Healing Power of Energy Can Transform Your Life.
  • A Healthy LIVER
    Mon, 08 Nov
    online facebook event
    08 Nov, 10:00 – 12 Nov, 14:00
    online facebook event
    Let's learn how to care for your liver and transform your life.