Kajal's Kitchen Wellbeing Retreat 

Our wellbeing week is the perfect place to unwind and recharge you life – offering you peace and serenity.

Our philosophy is centred on transforming the lives of people who attend our retreats.


We're about providing memorable experiences, having fun, making new friends, eating healthy food, learning and discovering how wonderful life can be. 

Our aim is for you to leave re-energised with a revived sense of purpose to your life. 


Simply Kajal & Pauli Well-being Retreat
May 16th 2021

Kajal's Kitchen Retreat

20th June 2021



Set inland on the banks of the Dalyan River, the village of Dalyan is a peaceful holiday backwater unspoilt by mass tourism.


The romance of the place is heightened each morning as a fleet of gaily-painted boats chug off down the dalyan river to the glorious sandy iztuzu beaches at the mouth of the river delta.


The entire Delta is a protected National Conservation area and is home to over 200 species of birds along with no less than three varieties of turtle, including the Loggerhead Caretta Caretta.

The surrounding area is a green valley - a unique setting for a relaxing holiday to Turkey, and just made for exploring. So if you like to do far more than stretch out in the sun, Dalyan's rich tapestry of history, mystery, nature and wonder is for you. 

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