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10 Things I Learnt In 2020

1. Most of my grown up life I spent chasing people rather then learning to live my life! Through this 2020 taught me how to be steel, how to be grounded and be in the moment to appreciate life, and through 2020 I found my worth!

2. 2020 taught us that we truly cannot please all of the people all of the time. Through the pandemic I learnt to please myself first and my loved ones second, everyone else is busy pleasing themselves anyway, trust me. Through the pandemic, I learnt that “I - means my body, my soul and my mental health” three things make me healthy, and “I have no right, to ignore the three” for a balanced life ahead.

3. In 2020 many of us learnt that spending money on fighting the ageing process is like trying to catch the wind. Go with it, enjoy it. Your body is changing, but it always has been. Don’t waste time trying to reverse that, instead change your mindset to see the beauty in the new.

4. 2020 I also learnt that Nobody is perfect and many are truly not happy with their lot. So many found each other, and many found themselves! “In a marriage, one learnt how to be Merry or found out about the Mary!”Many of us learnt, that most of our lives, we have been playing a cat and mice game! Many found solace in working in the city, whilst others found peace in being away from home paying for holidays! This year, we found to make peace in our homes or in our hearts!

5.Never before did one really see the hard work that goes in raising young children, and now, we will appreciate the hard work the teachers and care takers do! Many had no clue the time and effort that went behind cleaning the house, cooking, and hopefully there will be more appreciation for those that are responsible for maintaining it all! Many have ignored the good health care we are so privileged by in our country, and hopefully we will now appreciate the time, advice and care NHS provides us! Never ever have we known the hard work that the office workers do sitting endlessly behind the screens doing their back in, attending meetings after meetings! Over the years, we all pointed fingers at each other, but hopefully now, we will be more mindful before pointing finger at taking credit for who does the most work! In 2020, we learnt that we all have our own values added to making a home, making a family and more importantly appreciate all that we took for granted.

6. Over the years, many of us have had regrets berating our looks, our ability, our freedom, but 2020 has taught us how to make peace with the vessel our soul lives in. We have realised that our body is amazing and important, and it only takes simple exercise as a walk to feel good 😌

7. Through the years, most of us have paid so much money into buying time out, holidays, gigs, shows, “designer this, and designer that” and not to forget the craze about ditching the real simple food to paying crazy amount for what reads “gourmet” etc Yet, many showed the greed of fighting for toilet rolls! Life had turned many into robots and feeling superior until 2020 knocked the door and taught us that you could be a pope or popper, the virus doesn’t recognise the difference in your mental or physical superiority and with all the money on this planet, we are helpless to Mother Earth. Everything matters, just like health is obviously important but stress, fear and worry are far more damaging! Happiness and peace are the best medicine. Spend money on perfecting your well-being!

8. In 2020 we learnt that none of the things we are grateful for can be bought or sold! We realised that there is more to this life then just buying and selling! There is LOVE, Life and health which are important factors to live a happy life. There is simplicity to contentment. Your love and your wisdom will live on far longer than any material things you can pass down. We learnt to communicate through 2020, and many got to know their neighbours and making friends with kind strangers they have never met! Many told and shared their stories, shared talents, that traveled farther than one could imagine.

9. 2020 taught us that life is magical and so is our breath! Ask any person who survived the virus, and their story leads to how important breathing became when virus hit hard. We are not here for long but if you are living against the wind it can feel like a life-sentence. Life should not feel like a chore, it should feel like an adventure by being a human and sharing kindness towards Mother Earth.

10. For all our life, we all pride in perfecting our homes, many save and spend wealth in building beautiful houses, yet 2020 taught us the value of shelter and the real meaning of making a home! What is the point of having a big decorative home, when family members don’t enjoy each other’s company? Many complained about being home sick, or being sick of each other? People complained about being tired of lockdown ignoring the fact that it’s through lockdown we all learnt to unlock ourselves! We learnt that life is too short! Don’t wait for tomorrow! Live in the moment, and give the best shot at all that you wish to learn, create and explore. Tomorrow is guaranteed to no one. Today is a gift that’s why we call it the present.

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