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I Celebrate Me

Happy international Women’s Day to all.

Today I celebrate me, I celebrate me because I had set a bar for myself many years ago to break the bias for a disrespectful marriage I was stuck in, I broke the bias behind what society will say when I quit the broken stressful marriage, I broke the bias and challenged those who said I will not find love with four children, I broke the bias as a single asian mum who raised four children ignoring the fearful advice I kept receiving.

I challenged my fears of what I could and couldn’t do as a a south Asian women and mother! I challenged and faced the bias by finding love and creating what I believe is a happy life and a home. What I’m saying is, the war started with working on myself first! The journey to my freedom as a woman started by me breaking hundreds of barriers set for me by nearest, dearest and society! I’m the process, I lost friends and family who were biased, and gained real friends amd family who supported me to break the bias! No war is simple, but all must be overcome for us to survive for us, and our future generation setting an example of what truly matters! Being true to yourself and supporting those who are lost or have lost voices! Let you first find your voice, find and demand your self respect, and then help those on similar path. The journey begins with you!

The more we forgive ourselves,

The more we are able to forgive others.

The more we show compassion to ourselves, the more we are able to extend compassion to others. The journey of growth begins with yourself. Don’t suffer in silence.

Three weeks ago I got married. I married a man I found myself. The kind of husband, friend, companion who brings joy, true friendship, strength to all my dreams and together we make a happy home. If you had asked me 16years ago if this was possible? My answer would have been NO! See back then, I had self doubt, I had no confidence, I was worried and scared of the biased voices, too judgement! It took me many years to work on my doubts, my fears, my broken self and “I finally found me, to fix me!”

You are enough!

I was told my kid’s will be broken if I left the stressful marriage! I was told my kid’s will be out line and I will lose them and spoil their future if I left the stressful marriage! I proved them all wrong! Never underestimate a women’s strength!

Not only did my son walk me down the aisle, he was my strength! My daughter and my two other boys, along with their partners all rejoiced and together we celebrated a reunion of two families! My kids were my biggest strength! I raised heroes, taught them never to give up or accept a cowardly behaviour.

I am a living proof of a women who lacked education, lacked finances, lacked support from friends and family. Look at me today, o have achieved it all because I broken through those barriers of biased society. I honoured me.

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1 comentario

Anjna Patel
Anjna Patel
09 mar 2022

I am glad you chose the path you did. You are a survivor and will never fail. Lots of and good wishes to you. A very strong women . Love you , miss you too. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🥰🥰

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