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Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Whenever I'm in my lowest of energy, I take time off by taking a stroll in nature all bare feet. It's easier to reconnect with mother nature when life gives you lemons and you don't know what to do.

Mother nature help's release tension from my feet and helps me re-energises my body with calming effect and recover my senses of equilibrium. Have you ever hugged a tree? I always do! I feel the tree's, I talk to them, I listen to their talks when the wind blows the leaves, its an absolute joy to experience such an act of nature.

Growing up in a coastal town Mombasa, we were blessed with sunshine and very warm weather so kicking off shoes for some, was the best feeling to have. I often went barefoot when my mother or a neighbour appointed a shopping list from down the local shop. It felt so much easier, natural and more in control to walk or in my case run without flip-flops!

I remember getting told off by mother for not wearing shoes, and the fear of getting hurt by a broken glass on the road or something, but i never listened and nothing happened to me - chances were minimal of getting when you practice anything on a daily bases, you get aware of the danger and your body naturally protects you. When you are a free soul, the free spirits always look out for your back!

Walking bare foot in my young days, felt like the best thing ever. No boundaries, no materialistic demand for shoes, fully charged with all senses connected to mother earth and its surrounding, stepping on mud, puddles, dry leaves and feeling them crush beneath my little feet was such fun and an exotic feeling!

Talking of barefoot reminds me of the teachings we were taught to remove shoes before entering any home or a place of worship. From as far back as I can remember, I never go to bed without washing my feet even if I have showered. Now you can call that an OCD of some form, or I can easily blame my mother for installing that habit in me. I Remember asking my mother many "WHY's" for doing so and she explained every step very patiently.

"In almost all the holy places of worship, it is believed that the universal energy from the universe is swirling around, by honour of the place being a meeting point of energies, where continued practice of prayer/meditation/ rituals/etc take place. This is the reason why we feel a moment of peace, tranquility and quiet when we enter temple. Temple or any place of worship is saturated with the vibrations of so many prayers/mantras/divine thoughts, which draw the universal energy into that place.

The person who enters the holy place, becomes a conductor of that universal energy. It is believed that when that universal energy enters the person, it can cause drastic changes in the person’s physical and heavenly body "Why we feel blessed when we enter the temple or any holy places" and if we wear shoes, we block that energy from connecting to the ground.

Just as a building is fitted with a lightning rod, which is connected to the ground to “earth” the electricity flowing out of lightning, the human body needs to earth the universal currents and vibration, which is why we were taught from a very young age at our religious school (Shishukunj) to walk barefoot on dewed grass or ground early in the morning to “reconnect” with the earth energy. Many Yoga teachers also suggest not only to activate the earth chakra in the human body, but also to release the negative energy from our body to the ground.

And this is the main reason why in places of worship, or even in many homes one is required to take off their shoes. When the universal energy passes through the person, the person is believed to be cleansed of any disease or negative energy by the positive universal energy. But I must add here that the same anology of positive energy also applies in the case of negative energy. Which is why, one should always WEAR FOOTWEAR in a place of possible negative energy, like a crematorium, graveyard, etc

In today's day and age, taking off your shoes and appreciating the beautiful landscape is more important than ever before. It helps the body rid of all the electromagnetic waves emitted by the mobile phones we use, and the computers and other electrical world we are surrounded by.

I suggest, take a walk in your garden barefoot without any electric gadgets and take a chance of reviving all your senses by listening to the beautiful birds singing away, by breathing fresh air and letting in oxygen to strengthen your lungs and flourish your organs. Admire the blue skies and savour the wild trees and beautiful flowers around you. Feel the rough and aged tree barks and generate good vibration for yourself and that of your surrounding.

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