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Let's Spice Up Your Life This Winter

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Sometimes it takes a small step to make a whole new change in your wellbeing.

Serving your regular meal in a posh plate or drinking your water out of a wine glass instead of a regular one could be all it takes to bring some fun and motivation to ensure you don’t feel stuck in a rut.

When I see people following the same routine of waking up every morning, brushing their teeth, wearing one of their regular weekly work outfit, taking the same route to work and serving your food in the same plate can be comforting and in a way good discipline to follow but, it also means you are missing out the fun of living a life to the fullest.

I understand that a routine is necessary and in a routine we find comfort and security, however what’s the point of leading a life which is on autopilot?

Keeping the brain active and trying out new things to keep amused at all time is the healthy way forward. Adding new things to your life activates many cells in the body including the happy hormones and keeps you alert at all times. When we introduce new things on a regular basis, our brain takes care of the curiosity and excitement by craving for more.

I recently gained some weight due to work and stress but going to the gym was not something I felt motivated to doing, so I decided to step aside and take a new turn into introducing something out of my comfort zone. I introduced different activities like swimming, dancing, bike ride, badminton, creative art and for the first time ordered a fashion magazine to venture into fashion world!

The whole new challenge of getting involved in things that I had never done before and being part of a total new strange world filled with activities widened my whole mindset and shook my brains into exploring more challenges and to open up to a new perspective. Not only did I lose weight but I also increased my energy levels.

When we do things in a different way, we create new neural pathways in the brain that help protect against cognitive decline as we age.

Sometimes people think bigger changes bring bigger results. Well, that’s not the case when we think of how easy it is to please our beautiful brain. The mindset doesn’t need a huge amount of novelty to create that buzz in our body for the happy hormones to shine. Anything, even the smallest little change like wearing a flower in your hair or clipping your hair up, to planting a pot of plant will please the brain and bring enjoyment to the body.

Here are few small tweaks to spice up your life this winter:

  • Walk into a florist shop and buy a bunch of flowers you have never bought - treat yourself

  • Walk into a book shop and buy yourself a note pad to write a small story of your journey or buy a colouring book to illuminate colours for your eyes into a plain paper - be expressive

  • Try a different vegetable that you have never bought or would never eat - go healthy

  • Change your dinning sitting position in your home and feel the responsibility of being someone else - feel the change

  • Swap your onesie for a dressing gown pyjama’s or go for a sexier version - feel the excitement

  • Change your hair style for the season for a cute and stylish look - be the stylist

  • Wear a different coloured scarf or go buy a complete different pair of printed socks - be different

  • Watch a program on TV that you would never watch - explore

  • Act a little weird by asking a question that you don’t know the answer to! - go carefree

  • Wear a piece of jewellery that you would never wear for example a chunky necklace, stud earrings, bunch of bangles or an anklet - be the model

  • Surprise yourself by attending a seminar of some kind that you would never attend or a networking event – challenge yourself

  • Gift yourself an experience and take a friend you haven’t seen in a long time - be a friend in need

  • Invite your childhood friends or cousins and have a trip down memory lane on your childhood experiences - bring back the childhood in you

  • When ordering from a restaurant menu, close your eyes and point a menu - enjoy whatever is served

  • Ask your partner, friend or a family member to help surprise you by choosing one of the “five choices of TO DO list” that you have prepared and would like to explore. Take a break from making decisions and let someone else decide for you - go control free

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