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Nothing that I would have done would have pleased the greed of an empty heart.

If I were more attractive, I would be happier! But If I were happier, I would be more attractive!

Which one are you?

When I was betrayed in my marriage, I used to blame myself! I used to think it all happened because I was not attractive! I tried everything to please him, but nothing I did was enough!

I was constantly compared to another woman! A woman who was very much younger than me! I stood no chance is what I was told! One day, I was too thin and another time I had no figure to attract a fly!

I used to think that when you are in love with someone, you love them regardless of their weight, looks, or any shortcomings! I was proven wrong. It took me a very long time to accept the reality, that with love sometimes comes greed! So here I was, crying when told I was not attractive! It was almost a daily routine.

You see it hurts when you see yourself in the mirror and see yourself with the hurtful words that were told to you by the very person you respected and loved.

I know so many of you will understand this because many of us live with this stigma of feeling attractive to please others!

When I watched the Netflix series The Crown, watching Diana reminded me of myself! No one is spared in the war of love and betrayal! Many of us suffer this loss for years, trying to perfect ourselves for another! I think we should focus more on what makes us happy! Seeing happiness through the eye of another will never make you happy! I have been there and lived that life for almost fifteen good years, and I know that nothing that I would have done would have pleased the greed of an empty heart!

Today’s advice, feel attractive in your smile and let your dancing heart guide you through the dance floor of life! Don’t waste years of your life trying to please the eyes that are blind to your beauty! Please the eyes that dance with your heart and sing with your soul, all it takes is to look within you!

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