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Sunset Dreams - Dalyan in July

With exams over and in need of a much needed recharge of the 'old battery', we headed back to Dalyan in July with our two youngest - Poppy (18) and Raj (17) to discover what Dalyan had to offer parents looking for a relaxing break with teens in tow.

Teens for a week... a holiday from hell or a dream come true?

The wonderful thing about Dalyan is that it's got something to offer almost everyone, regardless of age.

In our case, we decided to pack as much as we could in seven days to keep everyone happy and entertained. And we delivered!

Highlights included:

  • Puppies, kittens and baby owls - always a favourite

  • A spectacular river valley boat trip

  • A dip in ice cold river valley water

  • 38++ degrees

  • Tree-top dinner with birds chirping away

  • Beginners scuba diving to 8m deep

  • England going out in the world cup, but lots of ice cold beer for two quid to uplift the spirits as our team headed out of the tournament

  • Fabulous Turkish hospitality

  • Traditional Turkish market

  • Fresh sea bass / sea bream for six quid and Meze to die for

  • I learnt how to cook Menemen and did a Facebook Live with host Levent (see below)

Inspired by a huge Turkish food market

A visit to Dalyan would not be the same without a trip to the local market. We missed out on the one held in Dalyan on Saturday, so on Monday we headed to Köyceğizl - a small town on the lake.

Heading off from the centre of town on a Dalyan river boat towards the lake, we stopped after about 45 minutes to have a swim. The water temperature was perfect. We then headed across the lake to Köyceğizl to spend a couple of hours tasting food and looking at some amazing vegetables, spices and 'genuine' fake clothes. After, we went back onto the lake and enjoyed a delightful bbq meal on the boat watching the sun set.

Beautiful. The trip back across the lake, through the reeds and down the river and back into town, was spent star-gazing and occasionally napping. Such a wonderful day.

Meeting old friends

On another day, we met up with our old friend Halil, who has been working as a boatman on the river for many years. We spent another memorable day with him - this time we headed down towards the beach to take a dip in volcanic spring water. And then onto the beach 'area' where Halil found a quiet spot within the lagoon behind the beach. He cast his anchor so we could relax, swim and sunbathe from the boat.

A wonderful stay at Osmanli Hani

Our hotel was fantastic, spotlessly clean, very chilled-out and host Levent really looked after us. He even gave me a cookery lesson which was beamed live on Facebook. It was so nice to chat as we cooked together and shared the experience in a Facebook Live. I was so impressed.

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