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Time to stop feeling sorry for yourself.

I did, fourteen years ago!

When I had everything robbed off by the very people I trusted, loved, and cared for.

It was then I felt so sorry for myself. I felt sorry because I felt worthless, not loved, not wanted, rejected, and betrayed. It took me a while before it all sunk in! When I say a while, I mean a few years! (Long story, to be told someday!)

I decided to embark on a quest of self-discovery. The toughest years and pretty lonely. There reached a point I felt sick of feeling sorry for myself, and that led me to finally create a life that fills me with joy.

After many falls hope, I ended my broken marriage.

Chose a path that I was so passionate about, and entered the well-being world (something that brought joy) resigned from “pleasing others“, found my own health and life coaching practice, learned to fall in love ( by opening my heart chakra!) and got rid of toxic friendships, cleared a ton of clutter from my life, and most importantly, learned what love really means. All of the above happens over the years, and through those years, I learned to believe in “myself” again.

In the process, I discovered that when we say things like: “When I find that perfect job/partner/friend, then I’ll be happy,” we’re giving our power away. We’re putting the keys to our happiness in someone else’s pocket. I had put the key to my happiness with others, and miserably let down! So, here I was doing it all over again at the age of 32! I started fresh- with no money, no bank account (another long story to share someday!), and no confidence or trust in others, or myself!

The truth is that there is only one person in the world who holds the key to your happiness, and I see that reflection in the mirror every morning.

The most important relationship we will ever have is with ourselves. After all, who else are you going to spend 24/7 with for the rest of your life? Plus, everything else – all of our other relationships, career success, creativity, health, and happiness – flow from how we first feel about ourselves.

Today’s advice is: Love yourself first and everything else falls into place, and it is okay to speak about the “not so good things” trust me, no one really matters if YOU, don’t matter!

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