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What happens to you when you eat food, do you feel blessed and transformed?

When I design my food recipes or cook for my guests and family, my aim is to make everyone remember me for the flavours, the presentation, the story behind each recipe with every bite they take.

I want them to feel transformed to the originality of where the recipe took birth.

A majority of my recipes come from my mother, and her mother - my great grandmother. There is a sentimental value behind each creation. I have recipes that I learnt during my travels and many during my visits to some memorable restaurants. It’s the memories captured behind each recipe that keeps hold of the flavours and the passion to recreating it and be able to take one back to that moment and time.

I have my master class salad workshop coming up this Saturday the 30th, where I shall be teaching salads that I have personally created using the love and knowledge of keeping healthy and sustaining weight goals, through eating balanced salad recipes that contains each element of right and good carbs and healthy protein full of nourishment. My salads are for those that want to enjoy salads as their main course without missing out on healthy planned meal and NOT a diet meal. The aim here is to teach salads that are packed with super foods and taste delicious. My salad dressings can be used as dressings, dips, curry paste and also substitute for delicious smoothies.

Salad in many homes is mistaken for being boring or being one the least thought after food. Not much conscious is put behind creating a salad. Many people believe that salad should be, or is a raw plate of carrots, lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes put together. Guess what?

In my house, salad is as important as making a biryani or a lasagne given both conscious and subconscious thought whilst preparing and creating it.

My salad class has been designed to help individuals and families working from home and struggling to make a balanced healthy meal and wholesome plate which will fulfil your appetite and hit all those taste buds! Join me to learn on my live course which will last 3 hours and let me help you plan some imagination, to fulfil your healthy needs, and to be master of making not only six delicious salads but grab ten other inspirational ideas of making healthy wholesome salads.

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