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What's The Pressure?

I’m just saying 🤨

What is this pressure about?

At the age of 13, you are told to study hard so you could achieve something!

At the age of 21, you are told to get serious about your future!

At 30 there is the pressure to get married to “someone nice!”

At 40, you have pressure to built the future generation- basically, pull your hair out

At 50, you are kind of left alone to fight menopause or you oppose the man or you are put on a pause mode!

Between 55-60, you discover that all your life you were basically trying to impress the fly, so now you embark on a self-discovery journey 🤷‍♀️

And after 61+ you realize F*** it all 🏼

No, but seriously

How about being told at 13, chase your dreams!

At 21, learn to love and discover yourself!

At 30, built your strength and find “your happiness with, or without someone nice !”

At 40, only think of future generation if you are mentally ready 🤯

At 50, find yourself before menopause finds you

At 60 free your mind and let’s rock and roll let’s find new dreams!

People should not be compared through age!

“It is alright if you didn’t do something or achieve something in your 20’s or 30’s!

It is alright if you have reached 40’s and couldn’t find that “nice person, or found a total moron or, are now divorced, or single.”

There are no such rules and people shouldn’t be made to feel like they are in a lifetime of pressure!

Life should be gracefully lived, not by comparison to time and people. If you are going to teach something or guide someone, it should be along the lines of self-acceptance.

Age should not stop one, from growing or glowing! At any stage of our life, we should not be put under pressure. There shouldn’t be the labeling of age versus certain goals or achievements. We should encourage one another to accept and just be. Accept where you are. Accept that age is not your enemy, it’s that mindset! Don’t let age stop you- age can not be used as an excuse to stop you from being happy.

I’m just saying

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