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When food is thy inspiration!

Inspired by the healing powers found in, and my love of food, my purpose in life is to help transform the lives of men and women by inspiring them to learn how to cook healthy, delicious and nutritious vegetarian food.

To achieve this life goal, I run workshops, classes, 1-2-1’s, wellbeing consultations, wellbeing days and supper clubs. I share my passion and teachings across social media channels and have recently been doing live demo’s at events. It’s been an exciting and fulfilling journey so far.

Heart and soul

I put my heart and creative soul into creating unique new recipes. As you will have seen from the hundreds of photo’s I post on Facebook and Instagram, but this is just the icing on my cake; because behind the scenes I spend many hours reading and doing my research on the science and art of cookery. Seven days a week I am in the kitchen, experimenting with different food combinations, flavours, texture and colour – until I am happy.

At times, I get it wrong – that’s the beauty of what I do. Nothing deters me. I keep going until I get to the moment I have perfected a recipe. I don’t stop until I have balanced the flavours and nutritional value and I have created a dish that is both beautiful to look at and I am proud to bring to the table.

My family help me to achieve perfection

My children and Paulie are my biggest fans and also my greatest food critics. They help guide me – by tasting my creations – and by telling me their likes and dislikes about the dishes I have created for them.

I focus this passion into teaching and inspiring everyone who attends a class or 1-2-1 sessions with me. I am always touched by the many wonderful messages I receive from people attending.

And so, it is with great pleasure that I would like to share a testimonial received by a woman who recently attended a private 1-2-1 class. I cannot tell you how gratifying it is to get such positive feedback and how much it means to me.

A testimonial from a lady who

doesn't normally ‘do’ reviews

I don't generally leave reviews but I just cannot do justice after an amazing workshop with Kajal without leaving a review.

I booked a 1-2-1 class for today and sent my wish list ahead of time. And hands down, Kajal went over and above and beyond all my expectations today! ️

Every single recipe was backed up by a variety of ideas and inspirations. And, not only Kajal taught me recipes from my list, but also showed some impromptu recipes as we discussed my likes and dislikes during the workshop.

I am still amazed how we managed to cover so much in 3 hours. Kajal and Rakhee make an excellent team - so organised and proactive that there was just no time lost. Every minute was utilised fully!

I have returned home with hundreds of ideas buzzing in my head! Not only did I learn these recipes but I have learnt to unblock myself and break the boundaries with food combinations and to be creative!

Truly, this workshop has been one of the best things I did for myself and my family.

Anyone wanting to learn fresh, healthy, wholesome and delicious food, please check out Kajal's Healthy Kitchen. Attend one of her standard workshops which are fantastic and I would highly recommend 1-2-1 sessions. I am in awe of Kajal and her passion for food and health.

Her dedication to her work and creativity is unparalleled! Her commitment to her clients and her ability to cater to their interests is truly remarkable!!

Thank you – Kajal (Haria) for your heartfelt message xxx

If you would like to attend a consultation or 1-2-1 cookery class, please visit my consultation page. Alternatively, attend to a workshop, supper club or one of my upcoming day retreats – you’ll feel amazing!

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