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You are not a bigger person to forgive but you achieve bigger things by forgiving.

The longer you hold something the heavier it gets! Life is only as difficult as the number of rocks we carry in our packs. Don't carry a grudge for a few years only to discover how much it weighs you down. Immediately let go of all anger, resentment, pride, opinions, and don't tell me it's easier said than done!

“I forgave the other woman who was also my cousin.” people use to wonder why I would forgive the mistress?

Well, in an affair there are always two people!

When I say I took many losses, I meant it! I lost a cousin that I very much loved and trusted. She was young, talented, and beautiful and her actions “of falling in love with my husband” then led her to believe that it was okay to be more to my family than just being a cousin!

In many ways, the whole thing felt like a star plus drama series happening live in my house! (It’s a long story to be shared slowly!)

I was only taught to keep silent, especially when you are a daughter-in-law. Never tell your inside story to anyone living outside the four walls! I had no first-class honors to understand what was happening in my house but everything hurt!

Slowly it all started sinking in! See, in my culture, everyone thinks it’s in their right to give an opinion, interfere, and tell you what to do- basically drive you crazy! “We are Indians, our own people enjoy talking about us behind our back!” And that’s exactly what happened! Our losses became a juicy story and entertainment for many! The reality was, Holding the affair under my roof for almost four years, killed all that was left of the little me as a healthy soul! I was mentally, emotionally, and physically sick!

Fast forwarding the situation! I found my freedom- even though it cost me to be homeless with four children and hundreds of other reasons, I DID IT! I went against all odds! Not only did I free from it all, but I also forgave too! I forgave to free my soul from carrying any burden moving forward! I promised to not carry those nasty people in my life or thoughts forward! I left them behind and moved forward!

Today’s advice is, forgive! Forgiving means a NEW beginning!

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