Exclusive Private Dining Experience at Your Home



Five Courses - Five Stars - At Home!

Kajal and Pauli will join you at home to create an unforgettable experience with an evening of Michelin standard gourmet plant based dishes curated by Kajal.

An evening of fun and friendship is in store for you with Kajal's deliciously prepared delights, using spices and flavours to bring a delight to your plate.

Expect a decadent five-course meal as she shares her passion for her home cuisine - a spicy and aromatic mix of nutritious and divinely created vegetarian creations inspired by her home town in Mombasa, India, Turkey, Spain and Italy. Her mix of healthy and nutritious gourmet delights, means you are in for a treat!


An Unforgettable Private Dining  Experience at Home

Wow your guests as they are seated with a beautifully decorated table designed by Kajal.

What you can expect from Kajal's Private Dining Experience at your home (a typical example):

  • A bespoke experience for you and your guests

  • A warm welcome at the door by Pauli as guests arrive. Whilst you mingle, your guests will enjoy their choice of a welcome cocktail or mocktail, designed by Kajal.

  • You will be seated for an evening of conversation, fun and laughter as you are served her latest nutritious creations - you won't be disappointed.

  • Five courses of deliciously healthy delights will be served throughout the evening as you entertain your guests

  • At the start of each course Kajal explains each dish to your guests

  • We'll serve your non alcoholic and alcoholic refreshments throughout the evening!

The aim of the evening is to enjoy Kajal's unbelievable food and have lots of fun.

Kajal and Paul will be your hosts and there will be a numerous surprises for you and your guests.


Extraordinary Presentation

Kajals Healthy Kitchen is for anyone who wishes to create a memorable experience for anyone with a love of healthy gourmet plant based food.

Why Choose a Private Dining Experience?

Your hosts, Kajal and Paul give you a memorable evening. We have 100% satisfaction rate with lots of testimonials to share with you.

Kajal will design an exclusive menu for your party based on your favourite foods - or - Kajal will surprise you with a spectacular creation of her own.

We arrive and set-up in good time for your event to start. Our team prepares most of the food during the day at Kajals Healthy kitchen and we assemble and cook fresh using your kitchen (heat/fry/bake/steam) as needed.

Our priority is to ensure you relax and enjoy getting ready before your guests arrive. You enjoy while we take the stress out of entertaining.

Our team will set-up, welcome, serve the table and clean up at the end whilst you enjoy your event!

Table decorations, equipment, chairs, table, linen, glassware (etc), is available to hire where needed.

The cost

Please get in touch by email to discuss your event with us. 

Your Supper Club Hosts Kajal and Pauli

Your Hosts

Kajal and Paul are looking forward to curating a memorable dinner party experience held in your home; a decadent evening of private dining, fun and friendship.


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