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Upcoming Events

  • Dine at Kajal's- Open Supper Club
    21 Apr, 18:30 – 21:30
    Pinner, Pinner, UK
    Prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable experience as I showcase my creative passion for gourmet vegetarian cuisine. I am thrilled to present a decadent five-course meal that combines a spicy and aromatic mix of nutritious and divine vegetarian dishes.
  • Healthy Plate - Powered Protein Cooking - 1
    Mon, 08 May
    facebook private page
    08 May, 10:00
    facebook private page
    Do you struggle with bringing plant-based protein to your daily cooking? The focus of this program is to learn plant-based protein-rich meals that provide the energy needed to fuel an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Food and Chakra Healing Workshop | 26th May
    26 May, 10:30
    online Facebook
    Learn to create a greater synergy between your mind, body, and spirits by learning the combination between food and energy.
  • Kajal's Dinning and SupperClub recipes.
    06 Nov, 10:00
    Many of you have eaten Kajal's food during her supper club or dining events. The good news is, Kajal will be parting with her secret recipes for the first time during this program. It's one of a special workshop not to ever be missed.
  • January - 21 Day Healthy Living Programme (2)
    08 Jan 2024, 10:10
    Online / Facebook
    Raise your vibration in May. Boost your immune system. Awaken your mind and body to the next level with Kajal and Pauli’s 21 Day Programme.
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