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Escape the Daily Grind

Every year, many of us take time off work and travel to take our mind and body away from our daily 'grind'!

The photos seen here are just a few of many that I’m sharing from a road trip Pauli and I went on last year, venturing along the Lycian way in our beloved Turkey.

This was by far one of the best experiences I have experienced compared to all the other holidays I have enjoyed with Pauli over the years.


During the three weeks holiday, we had no set plans as such, we just jumped into our little orange Fiat Panda hire car and drove. In so doing, we covered numerous small wonderful villages across the Lycian coastline and often we'd turn to drive through the mountain roads to discover how local Turks live, meet villagers, experience a different and simple lifestyle. We often walked miles and miles, swam in natures beauty, and felt as if the world was made for the two of us!

We ate varieties of food, tried unusual fruits from the forest area we walked, made friends with those who didn’t event talk our language, met healers, met nomads grazing their crops and feeding their animals, came across some of the best hosts and learnt about culture and we felt grounded and touched by the whole experience.

Connecting with nature and real people humbled us. This trip changed my mindset and broadened my understanding of what really matters in life! I came back a different person and have been practicing a complete different mindset to what I had started with many years ago!

This is why I encourage my kids to travel. Through travelling we broaden our horizons and create new opportunities for the future. We don’t have to spend crazy money or go on luxury trips! It is the simple things that makes the difference and create lifelong memories! It is the surrounding environment that makes it unique and interesting! It is the people who live in this environment and their livelihood that make it so special!

Pauli and I are planning another road trip right after our yoga retreat in October this year! We're going to find somewhere high up the mountains again, where we can cross paths with strangers that become friends and who we share life stories and experiences together.

What is your best holiday experience?

Share your thoughts here.

Join our Wellbeing Yoga Retreat, Turkey, 1-8 October 2023.

Places are limited, so book early.

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