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Mouthwateringly Healthy Mithai - is that even possible?

Yes is the answer, and here is how:

Every year, I create, and teach healthy delicious Mithai in my cooking Workshops. They are designed to inspire attendees and teach them how to avoid refined sugars and still be able to enjoy all the Mithai’s we enjoyed growing up! The aim is always to retain the flavours and change the refined ingredients, using more superfoods in order to make my healthy mithai recipes.

My late mother loved her Mithai’s! She would prefer something sweet everyday with her meal. She was diagnosed with fourth stage cancer in her late fourties’, similar age as me right now! The first thing she was advised back then (31 years ago) was to stop eating sugar!

Fast forwarding life! Today, we all know that sugar is not healthy, especially refined sugar. Over time, sugar can lead to a greater accumulation of fat, which may turn into fatty liver disease, a contributor to diabetes, which raises your risk for heart disease.

I was raised in a Gujrati home where tasty, and variety of food is a must! Food brings joy, harmony, family together and at the same time creat debates, comparisons, and competitions amongst loved ones!


I love my culture and also follow all celebrations that come with it! During every celebrations, we have foods especially the sweet varieties dedicated to each event!

Every sweet dish mostly contains sugar, ghee, flour, and the wonderful aromatic spices! I never had a sweet tooth but respected and appreciated the auspicious events and cooked the Mithai’s for my family and friends!

When mum gave up refined sugar, we introduced jaggery, honey and molasses to her. Over the years, I learnt that sugar even in the form of healthy form isn’t good and one should enjoy it all, but in moderation! So I created Mithai’s using dry fruits in its most natural form and made sure that I retained some of my mothers original Mithai flavours.


So far, I have run four wonderful workshops and created two successful online course which are available on my website for those who are far and away to also learn and bring healthy changes.

This year, I took advantage of being able to run more in-person masterclasses and created a NEW Mithai workshop where I taught five wonderful healthy Mithai’s to small groups of lovely ladies of all ages. My recipes contain no refined sugars. Instead I gently sweeten them by using sugar from organic dry fruits that taste absolutely delicious. Most of the clients who have learnt my healthy Mithai’s also use them as part of their daily healthy protein based snacks.

Sadly, it's not possible for my followers from around the world to come to my home and cook with me and that is why I created my courses online too. It's the next best thing!

For a short period this month, I am offering you a 'sweetener' (haha) - a Diwali Deal worth £80.00 off the price of my two online mithai masterclasses.

You will love the thirteen easy to follow video tutorials, VIP Facebook group, E-recipe book and the additional tips and advice I give-away as part of the course.

If you want to WOW your friends with thirteen mouthwatering mithai this Diwali, take me up on my offer of £80.00 off - but be quick!

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