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Bharela Marcha (Stuffed Chilli Pickle)

Bharela Marcha

11 Jalapeño Peppers pickle or any other peppers for stuffing.

For the Stuffing

2 tbsp oats meal

2 tbsp flaxseed meal

1 tbsp hemp seeds

2 tbsp coriander and cumin powder mix

1 tsp turmeric powder

1/2 tsp red chilli powder

2 tsp Himalayan salt or as per taste

1 tbsp crushed garlic

1 tbsp ginger paste

Handful coriander leaves finely chopped

Juice of 1 1/2 lemon

2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp jaggery

For tempering

4 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp chickpea flour

1 tbsp fennel seeds

2 tsp coriander powder


1. Add all the ingredients except jalapeño peppers in a flat based mixing bowl and mix well until finely combined.

2. Slit the jalapeño peppers halfway through for stuffing.

3. Stuff the mixture into the peppers.

4. For the tempering, heat a non-stick pan on medium flame. Once the pan is hot, add oil, chickpea flour, fennel seeds, coriander powder and mix for a minute.

5. Cook for a minute and half until the chickpea flour is golden brown. Then immediately add the stuffed jalapeño peppers and mix.

6. Cook for 5 minutes.

7. For left over mixture, add 1/2 juice of lemon and make it runny. Add this to the peppers. Mix it well and cook for another 1 minute.

8. Stuffed jalapeño peppers are ready to be served with your parathas, khichri or your favourite bread. Enjoy!

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Love the recipes!!!


Asha Hindocha
Asha Hindocha
Mar 25, 2021

Thanks you kajal xxx


Anita Patel
Anita Patel
Mar 25, 2021

Thank you Kajal🙏💕


Sandhya Patel
Sandhya Patel
Mar 25, 2021

Thank you for sharing Kajal !


Reena C
Reena C
Mar 24, 2021

Thank you Kajal for sharing these yummy recipes. Will surely make this. X

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